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Sikap Pervert Dalam LRT Ini Pasti Menyakitkan Hati Anda


(13 Mac 2017) This morning, at exactly 7:57 am, I got on to the LRT at the Kelana Jaya station to get to my work place.

The second the doors opened and as I got in, this young man looked at me "up and down" with a very "naughty" face, you'd know he was not safe to be around with the second you'd see his face. Just as I passed him to get into the train, I heard a whisper in my ear, saying the lines, "Fuuuh, can I hisap you?" or "Fuuuh, can I suck you?"

Since the train was almost full, I stood pretty near him, while he was right at the door of the train. He kept looking at me, smiling, making faces. I knew I needed to make a scene. But gosh, when you're in that position, feeling so angry, so shocked, so violated, you feel like you can't do anything. Out loud, I said, "What is your problem?!" And he responds with more smiles.

I put my phone up to take pictures of him to shame him, but he covered his face. He got off at the next two stations after, at Taman Paramount. 

I wish I could have done more in terms of creating a scene to protect myself, for people to know and be aware of this man, to try to get him off the train etc, but I was just so shaken.... I don't have the words to describe it. It left me trembling and in tears, and I just wish no one would have to go through that anywhere they are.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS to warn others of this pervert.

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